For a long time I was one of those paradoxical, reluctant journalism and media lovers who chose to keep a safe distance away from social media and popular online networks.

To a large extent my own participation has been based on obligation and compulsory school-related requirements. But 2017 finally presents a new way of doing things. I want to open myself up to how revolutionary and innovative social media has become. I want to get more involved.

Brand Me 2017 is somewhat of a merging mission: between my personal and professional online endeavours this year. I have grown more interested in the prominence of online personal brands. I want to explore how and why social media and online profiles have changed the idea of social entrepreneurship in the 21st century.

The internet and technology have enabled multi-skilled internet users to boldly chase fame, fortune and relevance using social media, advertising and social networking. You can build a highly viable online-driven career and marketing space for yourself – almost for free.

Bloggers (fashion, food, travel etc.), vloggers, pop culture curators, social commentators and social activists have all found a way to legitimise online business models and trends just by using new media.

So finally this will be a space for me to learn more about how to approach personal branding in ways that can translate into effective social media capital.

Know more, try something different, and build a brand with me in 2017.