My personal reflection on branding

In this last piece for Brand Me 2017 I thought I’d bring it back home a bit, as a short but honest wrap up for the blog. I want to keep it real and offer personalised reflections on what I’ve learnt about online branding so far.

No matter how you cut this candy-coated cookie, the fact is that playing and winning at the social media game is no easy feat. Building a distinctive personal brand using all the relevant social networks and platforms needs: time, attention, a great deal of effort, and persistence.

Remember: there are no guarantees. You could put your best foot forward, but never really take off in ratings, relevance and followers. You could do everything it takes to glow up, but never really blow up.

Climbing the personal branding and audience influence ladders is a risky business. Although the rewards are quite fabulous, it takes special kinds of individuals to tap into exactly the right spaces and places online.

Personal branding could be your next big online move, but you won’t know until you try.

For me though, it’s a definite no. Or at least not yet.

I guess I might only brand me in 2018.


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