You got Klout?

According to the Fan Page List, Barack Obama has the highest Klout rating for social media influence on Twitter. Donald J. Trump comes in at a hard-to-accept second place. Meaning Trump beat out the likes of Katy Perry (6th), Rihanna (11th), Beyonce (15th) and Justin Bieber (18th). I know, I know, that’s pretty wild isn’t it?


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The Klout website – which is also available as a mobile app – rates users by giving them an indication of their social influence. Using a set of social media analytics, a “Klout Score” of a numerical value between 1 and 100 is generated.

This can be a bit nerve-racking if comparative numbers and seemingly arbitrary ratings make you feel a bit anxious. But it’s useful to employ the services of websites and apps like Klout if you’re a personal brand builder. It’s part of being conscious of where you’re placed in the social media race.

You can be strategic and use how far your reach stretches, to your best advantage.
This includes: redefining your target market, improving the quality of your content, connecting to other high ranking social media movers and shakers, tapping into the kinds social networking circles that are more aligned with your own activities, and enhancing your social media profiles across the board.

My Klout score is a modest 42. Which isn’t bad at all, considering I’ve only connected Twitter, Facebook and WordPress to my Klout account. At the time when I signed up for Klout, I was at a super low score of 10. I had to up the ante slightly, and chose to do this using Twitter.

Klout estimates that my network contribution is 99% (Twitter ): 1% (Facebook). This makes sense, because the only platform I try be consistent with is Twitter after all.

I’ve already explained, in my introductory post, that my social media exploits are rather basic. Outside of academic obligation, and a necessary bit of dabbling here and there, there is still so much I need to learn about how to navigate social media more effectively.


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The great thing about Klout is that it offers more than just a social media rating. It also caters for a wide range of your interests online; allowing you to build a Pinterest-like collection of the topics, features, experts and news that you may care about.


Just like you would on WordPress, Hootsuite or Storify, you can source and schedule content to share with your online audiences via Klout. This is just one other superb social media management tool that helps you monitor your growth on social media, while keeping you current and connected at the same time.

Klout records your score or measuring history, so that you can track your impact over an extended period of time. You get to see how your online and social media activity is fluctuating from week to week, and month to month. You can connect as many networks as you are active on.

You got Klout?

*Pictured in Feature Image: Sesona and Nasiphi Zoya


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